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We are currently reviewing our data policy and rules and regulations for the 2018 competition. The revised rules and policies will appear here in due course. We have posted some preliminary information on the About the Challenge page. The current policies are outlined below

Cookies on the site

  1. We use cookies to anonymously track usage of the website through Google Analytics. No personally identifiable information is recorded by Google Analytics’ cookies.
  2. We also use cookies to keep track of users’ activities when they login in order to facilitate the core functions of the site. We don’t request more information from you when registering for an account than is necessary to administer the competition. If you have any questions or concerns about this or any aspect of data security on this site then please do contact us at [email protected].

Your data

  1. We collect data about you solely for use in connection with the competition.
  2. We will only share that data with those who need it in order to administer the competition or prizes. This includes the competition staff at the University of Southampton and a small number of staff in the website development team and they are only permitted to use that data in connection with the competition.
  3. We will not sell your data to anyone else.
  4. We will not share your data with anyone else without your consent.
  5. We will delete your data on request, submitted in writing or by email to [email protected]