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    Another great competition this year with over 1,000 team and individual registrations linked to UK schools.

    Thank you Harry and the gang of elves, some of whom must have been deployed on secret missions in other time zones (if the forum time stamps are anything to go by) Thanks too, to the sponsors, Full Circle Development, GCHQ, IBM, Netcraft, Trinity College Cambridge, and of course the University of Southampton.

    Well done to the winners, whoever you are when announced.

    I’m already looking forward to the next one.



    Thank you, we had a lot of fun! Should point out that the developers are called 10 degrees, so 350 degrees short of a full circle unless you want to decimalise angles?

    Good deduction about the Elves. At this time of year they have to split their time between forum moderation and delivery of presents!



    Thank you. It was another fun competition for us too. Hope the clues were not too frustrating, but as you know we can’t give away too much too soon!! Look forward to seeing you again next year.



    Also from me! Thank you all for helping to make this year another fun one. See you again next time!



    yeah! my friend and i have enjoyed it a lot and even though we were always a bit slow with submitting our answers so we aren’t doing amazingly on the leaderboard, we managed to get everything 100% correct which was incredibly satisfying, especially as we had very little knowledge of ciphers coming into this! it has been the perfect level of challenge so thank you very much!



    Thanks from me as well! Was fun.



    Also thanks from me! And Joan, the clues being annoying is all part of the fun!



    I like to thank you as well as I have done this for the past 2 years now and either of them was quite like this one. Could you also please explain what the clues were supposed to mean because I solved it and I still can’t figure out how the clues relate to the final challenge. I think other people would really appreciate that too.



    Huge thanks from me too! This was my first time doing the cipher challenge and it was a great experience. Can’t wait for next year. The clues were a big help Joan and everyone who contributed in the forum. Thanks again for a great challenge!
    Ushna xx



    Thank you from me too, this was a great challenge and as lots of fun (even though it could be frustrating at times), so thank you to everyone who contributed to the challenge and I can’t wait for next year’s challenge!



    Thanks Joan,Harry and all the other helpers!! It’s my first year and my team did so well we submitted every challenge (apart from 8b) getting 100% each time!!
    From Emily and the rest of the BrainyBeavers ?



    Thanks for this challenge! It was my first year doing it and it was soooooooo stressful.I really enjoyed it though. Thanks to Harry, Joan and the elves.smiley face



    Thank you! Looking forward to next year



    Thank you, Harry and the rest of the team! This was my favourite competition yet and, despite being my last year to compete, I will definitely be following along future challenges



    Thank you so much Harry and your hard working elves! This was my first year doing the cipher and I have really enjoyed it (even though sometimes I felt like screaming in frustration at the ciphers…) Can’t wait till next year!!! Thank you for making this great competition and doing all the wonderful work to make it happen. Thank you to all of the sponsors who sponsored this! I am sure we all really appreciate it A LOT! Hope to see you next year!!!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)

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