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    Quote from Harry’s announcement: “some of you have written to ask where they can find Tacitus original last chapter. It is tempting to say that Jodie has it, but if enough of you ask then we will post it here!”

    I for one would be enthralled to read the real 8B, and although the story was never the main part of what hooked me to the challenge, it would be super interesting to read!

    I encourage all those who want to hear of the end of story to comment here, so that Harry can see it’s worthwhile grabbing the real document from Jodie!

    All the best!



    Or could this be a hint for next years challenge?



    Definitely would want too see the real end of story!



    Would definitely like to read it, maybe even enciphered for a bonus bonus challenge!



    I’d love to read the real 8B.
    After all the lead up we’ve had to it I’d like to know what really happened to the 9th Legion.



    I recognize that it will be additional work for someone, but it gets my vote 🙂 I won’t then have to keep remembering what “fob-off” I have used when asked.

    Lineage Noir (anag).



    #Metoo 🙂



    I’d be very interested in reading it too.



    Sounds interesting, me too.



    I would be interested



    Would really like to read the real last entry! Please can you (Harry) post it

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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