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    As before, feel free to post on here, but nothing will be approved for a while.



    Got this one faster than 6B, surprisingly. Was fun :^)



    Woot! I actually felt my head swim when it finally solved lol. Glad I actually went with my gut with this one, rather than wasting time jumping around from idea to idea like last time. 🙂



    Great cipher, very difficult at first, but so satisfying once it’s solved



    I feel sorry for all the people who still have to do this




    Wowee what a great cipher! My team and I really enjoyed this one. We loved the way it began with little clues and then, when used correctly, these had a logical progression to greater things. Then, combining all we had worked out, there was a final sprint when it all fell into place. woo hoo!!! How it feels to get the cipher!!



    All you gotta do is {snip} and then {extreme snip}. Good challenge.



    I call it house work
    ‘Cause it’s light work x



    That was so nearly impossible. Why would you do that to us 🙂



    That was a pretty nice cipher….
    SO glad we got it before the first deadline

    (unlike 6B where we spent a weekend going down many rabbit holes)



    solved 7b, it seems hard, but if you know a few tricks you cant crack it easily



    Well I enjoyed that one. The way in was spotted quiet early and then came the long drag trying various different ploys that seemed to make sense. I tried numbers, pictures and even tried turning my laptop upside down all without joy but a logical approach appeared after taking a time out and there it was.
    Only 6 hours work in total all on my own to do it and it feels great.
    Roll on challenge 8



    Job done…



    That took a while, but it was definitely easier than 6B. It took all of our team to figure out how to do it.



    I managed to complete this and was so glad. But I am keeping copious notes on what worked and what didn’t so this time next year I know what I had to go through. This may reduce the numbers of dead ends I get stuck in and backtracking required. Now back to revising for GCSE mocks…

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 27 total)

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