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    No hints yet, but feel free to post on this page if you need help.

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    OMG that was such an easy cipher
    I’m so shocked i got it before my friend who have got every single cipher and i didn’t even do cipher 2 and 3:);)



    is 7a one cipher or more
    pls help



    OFFICIAL CLUE: Follow the standard cipher breaking techniques you have been using so far. If you have broken all the ciphers up until now then you can solve this one too.



    pls givee a cluee. i hav beeeen lookinhg to solvbe it alkll lastt nighjt. no slr
    eep laakst nioght aty alkl. rewally tireds. io amm justjj
    10. pls herlppp.



    pls help. what i said makes no sense what so ever, i was too tired and sleep i had no sleep. i just slept for an hour and half, and back i feel more awake. pls give me a clue. my brain isnt functioning properly



    @shredha Take a break, you won’t solve anything if you can barely type! If you stare at a cipher text too long you spot ‘patterns’ which aren’t actually there.






    OFFICIAL CLUE: Very similar to last week.



    OFFICIAL CLUE: The keyword is different, but the cipher is the same type as last week. Calculate the ioc to see the keyword length, then do frequency analysis on each bit in turn to figure out the keyword/caesar shift.



    thank u ☺

    coulkd uu pls hepl me. i hgVE NO IIIDEA WHJAT I JM ODIONGH



    What is ioc?



    Please could the next hint be to do with the keyword because that’s what we are the furthest away from figuring out.



    @Ushie_Baby786 IOC is the index of coincidence, a quick google should tell you what this is, how to calculate it, and why it’s useful!



    What is the key word?

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 29 total)

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