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    I’m afraid there’s a human elf factor to take account of – so you have to wait until one of us appears!



    Roman Numerals

    when deciphering, does it matter if we normalise roman numerals?



    You should leave them as they are – since they are letters, they will be included in the solution that your submission is compared to.



    Is it just me, or is the countdown on the front page slow by an hour? It is reading that there is an hour and 13 minutes to go until Challenge 2, when the time is clearly 2:47 and the next challenge is uploaded at 3pm. Has there been a change in the schedule or have I misunderstood something?



    Is there any way I can remove a member on my team? He joined twice with two accounts.



    Team members can only remove themselves, I’m afraid – so he needs to leave the team on the account he doesn’t want to use.



    Whoops, there is a timezone issue that we missed! (Actually we noticed this for Challenge 1 and finessed it by putting the “wrong” time in, but forgot to do that this time. Apologies for confusion, but the time bands for points are still wide and welcoming, so hopefully no-one was adversely affected. Thanks for pointing it out,




    I can’t submit an answer for part A, it just takes me to that I’m Not A Robot page thing.



    I am having trouble reading the old posts on the “Stay Up to Date” page. I click on “Load More” at the bottom, which works, but then when I click on “…Read” for the post titled “Welcome (back) to the XIVth National Cipher Challenge”, it jumps me back to the top of the page, and when I scroll down, I still can’t read the post. (By the way, is this the XIVth or XVIth challenge?)



    I am having the same problem on the ‘stay up to date’ page. I will get someone to look into this. Also, you are right – it is the 16th challenge, so XVI – good spot.



    All seems to be running fine now 🙂




    One of our submitted deciphers for challenge 1b contained mistakes that were pointed out in previous submissions, but got 100%? it was also not identical to the master answers, ignoring punctuation and spacing etc. is this a bug? or is there a tolerance for 100%?



    @aliman Thee is not a tolerance for 100%, but your best solution is what is taken. I am assuming you submitted multiple answers, one of which was completely correct. If that is not the case then please let us know as this would then be a bug which needs fixing.



    we submitted a correct answer, only to find that it was not correct!-Bug
    we had to re-submit the identical solution to get 100%
    please resolve this so that our certificates show correctly
    if any mods want proof, I can provide evidence.

    [snipped link as requested – water_biscuit]



    @aliman, please email [email protected] with all the details, screenshots etc., and we’ll look into it!

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 69 total)

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